meet the team

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Darryn Muller.png

Darryn Müller

Owner | Chief Studio & Mastering Engineer | Trainer

Since forming the Audio Room in 2013, Darryn has been the driving force

behind the company. His broad knowledge of all things technical, audio and video,

make him both a skilled engineer and an industry professional.

Darryn has 14 years of industry experience in the television and film

industry, working on major SAFTA and ProMax award winning TV shows, Adverts, Promo's, Electronic Press Kit's and Films.


As the Chief Mastering Engineer at The AudioRoom, he has mastered multiple albums and singles that have risen to number one on SA charts, as well as providing sound reinforcement for many live broadcast and music events.

He has been nominated for the Best Engineered Album at the SAMA's 2022 for Daniel Baron's City of God and the Jungle below.


For Darryn, the studio acts as a vehicle through which he can spread his passion and drive to create world class productions and expand the industry in South Africa.

Dylan Barnes - Head Engineer.png

Dylan Barnes

Head Studio Engineer

Dylan is a fully qualified, Avid Certified Pro Tools and Media Composer

instructor with experience in various audio and video production



He has been a professional recording and mixing engineer since

2012, working on projects ranging from recording choirs to working on

both live and recorded TV shows.


Dylan's intense attention to detail and

problem solving skills make him a valuable team member at The AudioRoom

Nico Junior Engineer.png

Nico Zotti

Studio & Location Engineer 

Nico is a qualified Sound Engineer with extensive aural, vocal and musical

training. Having been introduced to music at a young age, he has

developed a golden ear.

Nico has over 6 years experience working in the TV industry, mixing live

performances, talk shows and recording location audio for some of the biggest TV Adverts Movies and EPK's on a the local and international scene. 

This combined with his extensive musical training and keen ear makes him a vital part in any production.


Brendon Ramos

Freelance Engineer | Owner of Pixel Culture

Brendon is a fully qualified and passionate industry professional, with a

multitude of knowledge and experience within the audio and video realm.

A history of freelance work has honed his craft in every aspect of the

entertainment industry, from live TV production, to working with

international music talents.

Brendon's drive and meticulous attention to detail ensures his work is

always at a world class level, and his comfort in any environment makes

him a versatile member of the team.